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how we rank

How We Rank Plugins at Plugin.Support

At Plugin.Support, we pride ourselves on our transparent and unique ranking system. Our specialized algorithm dives deep into four crucial areas: how users engage with a plugin, the feedback they provide, the overall reputation of the plugin in the market, and its standout features and benefits. We then crunch these numbers to give each plugin a score, ranging from 0 to 9.9.

We're always on the hunt for data, pulling from reliable sources across the web. This ensures that even if we hit a snag or two with missing data, our final score remains as balanced and holistic as possible. And while we might have partnerships with certain brands, our scores remain impartial, always aiming to serve our users' best interests.

Our Scoring Principles:

  • Transparency

    We're an open book. We'll show you exactly how we calculate our scores, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

  • Accuracy

    By pooling data from a myriad of channels, we ensure our scores are a true reflection of user experiences and insights.

  • Timeliness

    The digital world moves fast, and so do we. We refresh our scores every week to stay on top of the ever-changing plugin landscape.

Score Breakdown

Our scoring metrics include:

User EngagementUser Engagement
User ReviewsUser Reviews
Plugin ReputationPlugin Reputation
Features & AdvantagesFeatures & Advantages
Customer Engagement

Consumer Engagement Score:

Our Consumer Engagement score is a dynamic metric that reflects the real-time preferences of our users. It's determined by the number of clicks each brand garners over a week. We compare these clicks with those of other brands on the same page, scoring table, and device—be it desktop, mobile, or tablet. Naturally, a brand that captures a larger share of clicks achieves a higher Consumer Engagement score. However, it's essential to highlight that our partnerships and compensations with certain brands might influence their positioning on our platform, which could, in turn, affect their Consumer Engagement score.

Moreover, some of our brand partners share valuable data with us—specifically, the percentage of users who transition from Plugin.Support to make a purchase on their site. This information is a crucial component of our scoring algorithm.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

This score represents verifiable real customer reviews of the brand across multiple criteria, such as ease of use, value for money, and the degree of user satisfaction. We convert these user insights into measurable metrics and optimize the score accordingly.

In the event that a brand is new to Top10chatGPT and/or has not yet received any customer reviews, we assign the brand a baseline Customer Feedback and adjust it as soon as a brand begins receiving customer reviews, to reflect actual degrees of customer satisfaction.

Brand reputation

Semrush & Brand Reputation:

Semrush is our trusted ally in gauging online brand visibility and performance. The PluginSupport Total Score heavily leans on a brand's reputation as analyzed by Semrush. This reputation is meticulously crafted from clickstream data, encompassing user behavior, search trends, and overall engagement. It offers a holistic view of a brand's credibility, prominence, and trustworthiness in the digital realm. For brands that haven't been scored by Semrush, we rely on our Popularity Score and Features & Benefits Score to determine the PluginSupport Total Score.

Features and Benefits

Editorial Integrity & Reviews:

At Plugin.Support, our editorial team is our backbone. Comprising dedicated editors, we're committed to delivering reviews that are both reliable and succinct. Our team delves deep, spending countless hours assessing products and services based on pivotal features that resonate with our users. This includes the quality of customer service, the user-friendliness of a product or service, accolades or awards received, and much more. Our aim? To equip you with premier lists and reviews, ensuring you save time, money, and avoid potential pitfalls.

In instances where we can't pinpoint specific features or benefits of a brand, we choose to exclude it from our overall score calculation. However, our commitment to accuracy means we revisit and update our reviews every few months.